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Math ABCs

Last year during post planning, we attended a guided reading workshop. It was interesting, but since I don’t teach reading, I was only able to take away a few ideas that I could apply in my math class or when … Continue reading

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Coin Perimeter 3 Act Task

This is a task that 2 of my second graders created and posted on our class blog. IĀ use the kidblog app and website for my students to type about things we are learning, respond to one another’s posts, and share … Continue reading

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Flip the book: 3 Act Task

Standards 2NBT5, 2NBT7, 2NBT9 ACT 1 Watch the video. What do you notice? What do you wonder? Make an estimate. Write an estimate that is too high and one that is too low. ACT 2 This is half of the … Continue reading

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To learn from the best about 3 Act tasks see Dan Meyer’s blog Other great sites of 3 Act Tasks are: http://www.gfletchy.com http://www.mikewiernicki.com http://www.robertkaplinsky.com My students and I LOVE Estimation180 but I have to carefully select which estimations we do … Continue reading

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